Security Job in Canada for foreigners with free visa 2024-2025

Security Job in Canada for foreigners with free visa 2024 Fascinated in security personnel jobs in Canada and have some experience in the security area? If YES, then you can apply for any one of the Security Guard Jobs in Canada. There are a lot of security guard task vacancies in various cities of Canada with lots of benefits (health and wellness, insurance coverage, etc) and some with VISA SPONSORSHIPS. CONTINUE READING TO APPLY

Security Personnel – Urgent Guard Jobs in Canada with VISA SPONSORSHIPS 2022 – APPLY NOW – JOB OPENINGS IN CANADA Job information Location: Burlington, ON Regards to employment: Long-term employment, Full-time Time: Night, Weekend Begin day: Starts immediately jobs: 6 vacancies Task needs Languages: English Education and learning: No level, certificate or diploma Interested in guard work in Canada and have some experience in safety field? If YES, then you can get any one of the Security Guard Jobs in Canada. There are a lot of guard task openings in different cities of Canada with lots of benefits (health, insurance policy, and so on) as well as some with VISA SPONSORSHIPS. PROCEED ANALYSIS TO APPLY

Urgent Security Guard Jobs in Canada 2024

Guard and also workers in associated protection solution professions guard as well as execute safety and security measures to:

Secure property versus theft.

Criminal damage and fire.

Control accessibility to facilities.

Preserve order and enforce laws on public occasions and also within facilities.

conduct private investigations for customers or companies and provide various other protective services not elsewhere categorized.

In Canada, security personnel can work for public or private safety firms, residential complexes, educational, social, financial, and also health and wellness organizations, retail facilities, companies as well as sector, investigation service companies, transportation centers, and also organizations in both the public as well as private sectors, or they can benefit themselves.

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Both in-course training as well as online training is readily available. The requirement for all basic training courses is that they should be at the very least 40 hrs long and also include certification in first aid.

Condor Security uses a 40-hour safety and security training course with a greater degree of certification in first aid, Standard Emergency treatment as well as a Degree in C MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSCITATION. If you want to register you can see upcoming programs on the Course Schedule here or speak to 416– 665 -1500 to talk with a rep and register.

You can see a list of government-approved protection training companies at the Ministry of Community Safety and also Correctional Services internet site here

You can download and install or see the necessary subjects which the training carrier is needed to cover in the 40-hour safety training program on the Private Security as well as Investigative Services Branch website here


To be qualified for a security license, you need to have a legitimate first aid as well as CPR certification.

The minimum acceptable level of emergency treatment training is Emergency situation Degree First Aid and Degree A CPR (1 day of training).

The recommended level is Standard Emergency treatment and also Level C MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSCITATION, which is an extensive program (2 days of training). This certification can give you an advantage over others as well as offer knowledge and also skill in how to manage added emergency situations.

You can learn more about Condor’s Requirement First Aid as well as the Level C mouth-to-mouth resuscitation training program right here


A security guard in Ontario supplies comprehensive security to homes and also individuals by undertaking patrols making use of a series of innovative weapons as well as sophisticated alarm systems. As security personnel or a gatekeeper, you’ll need to walk the beat and guard public and/or private facilities to thwart physical violence, theft, and felonies. At the same time, you should be appropriately tech-savvy to make optimal use of complex security and also alarm systems for preventing and avoiding criminal activities.

Security officers and guards also receive extensive training in using force to confront as well as jail people who believed in being safe and security dangerous. Numerous multinational firms and public organizations besides recruiting security officers, likewise appoint safety supervisors that supervise the overall security system. The economic sector employs the majority of security guards as well as officers who safeguard the company’s properties, properties, and resources.

Safety and security personnel not just supply physical security to organizations and individuals susceptible to dangers and also dangers but likewise discover and also check cybercrime, monetary criminal activity, terrorism, and so on. Several guards in Ontario go after an online bachelor’s or affiliate’s degree in criminal justice to end up being police policemen. If you want to know how to come to be a guard in Toronto after that reviewed the end of this article.

Firstly, you’ll need to have a security guard permit in Toronto to work as a security guard, baby bouncer, or attendant in Toronto or Ontario. This evaluation clarifies how to obtain a protection license in Ontario in a detailed manner. Armed with a protection certificate in Toronto you’ll have it simple locating a job as a concierge, bodyguard, flight terminal gatekeeper, baby bouncer, and so on.

Security Job in Canada for foreigners with free visa 2024

Sign up for the Guard Evaluation in Ontario by using the Training Completion Number you obtained after finishing the training program
The basic security personnel test in Ontario consists of 60 MCQ (numerous choice concerns). You’ll need to complete the evaluation in 1 hr as well as 15 mins and attain a rating of 62% to clear the test. You’ll have to pay CDN $75.15 consisting of HST (Harmonized Sales Tax obligation) as examination fees.

If you do not clear the assessment in the initial circumstances, you can sit for the examination repetitively until you pass. Nevertheless, you’ll need to pay the required fees each time you take the test. You can take the examination for obtaining a security personnel certificate in Toronto at specified or marked DriveTest centers throughout Ontario

When you pass the test as well as accomplish a rating of absolutely nothing less than 62% you qualify to request a guard license in Ontario.

  • A passport-size photo
  • The screening conclusion number
  • CDN$ 80 (for paying through a valid payment technique depending upon whether you’re applying online or through Canada Post/courier service).
  • An entitled guarantor or sponsor will certainly fill and put his/her signature across the Guarantor Details Form.
  • Scanned electronic transcripts or photocopies of 2 legal government ID files (one of these documents need to affirm that you’re permitted to work in Canada).

You’d be far better off sending your application online as sending out the very same through a post office could take around 30 working days. If you fill up the application form for getting a safety and security permit in Toronto appropriately and also send it online, the same may be approved within 10 working days. Additionally, if you submit your application leaving it insufficient or full it erroneously then it’ll be emailed back to you.

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