Top 10 typing center in Abu Dhabi for visa

typing center in Abu Dhabi for visa 

The processing of visas is one of the many government services that the typing centers in the UAE offer to people and businesses. Today in this post I would discuss the best typing center in Abu Dhabi for visa and you can use one of them for a range of government services.

The UAE government has approved several private firms to handle and clear the documentation for public services. The typing center in the UAE offers all services, including consulting, processing, and transaction of government payments.

Even if various typing centers provide the same services, you should deal with the best of the best company to complete your task with the greatest service and work done on time.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) issues the typing center license in Dubai and the federal authority for identity and citizenship (ICP) in the other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al Khaima, Amal Quwain, Ajman, and Fujairah.

Residents of Dubai should use the Amer typing centers to complete their work quickly to learn more about the top Typing center in Dubai click here.

Best typing center in Abu Dhabi for visas;


This is one of the best typing centers in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. In the variety of services it offers, the customer satisfaction ratio is approximately five stars.

Unless you have an online payment solution, you can use their services to apply for any type of visa or to extend your tourist and visit visa.

Through extensive knowledge of the local legislation and market, APLUS TYPING CENTER assists you in finding a business sponsor and preparing the legal documents required for the start of your business.


  • Department of Economic Development
  • Ministry of Labour and Immigration
  • Tas-heel Services
  • Taw-Jeeh Services
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Tawtheeq (Tenancy Contract)
  • Certificate Attestation
  • Tourist Visa and Family Visa
  • PRO Services
  • Business Setup and Visa Works
  • Company Formation and Local Sponsorship
  • Commercial, Trade, Craft, and Industrial Licenses
  • Tajer Abu Dhabi
  • Freelance License
  • Driving license relates to all services such as opening a file, issuing a driving license, renewing it, and paying fines, among others.
  • Legal and Normal Translation
  • Stamps creation and Logo Registration and Sign Board Approval
  • Typing Center Services
  • Federal Transport Authority
  • Vehicle Registration Services
  • Vehicle Transfer Services
  • CICPA Pass
  • Toll Services (Darb & Salik)
  • VAT Services
  • Power of Attorney
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Services Agent Agreements
  • Assignment Agreements
  • Amendments
  • Judicial Department
  • Notary Public ADJD
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber
  • Tamm
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure
Aplus Typing
APLUS TYPING CENTER M9 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
08:00 am – 09:30

2. Thahseel Typing Center

The Thahseel is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quick and easy access to all government services. The highly competent staff has a history of meeting the customer’s needs successfully and within the promised time frame.


  • Family Visa – Online Services
  • All Types of Visa Services
  • Any Emirates ID-related services
  • Tasheel – Services
  • Insurance – online services
  • Online – Services For PCC & Driving Licence Etc.
  • Attestation And Translation Services
Musaffah Shabia - 09
Abu Dhabi - UAE
+971 25557733 / +971 545866874 / +971 545866875
[email protected]

3. Landmark Typing Center;

Landmark typing Center is located in Abu Dhabi, and it provides legal translation and typing services. By offering the highest quality services, it has won the hearts of UAE residents.

In comparison to other typing centers, this one charges less and offers more efficient services.

The highly professional and friendly employees will complete your papers on their way, giving you peace of mind.


  • Immigration services
  • Tasheel services
  • Emirate id relates services
  • Visa application and extension
  • Make all types of government transaction
  • Rotary services
Musaffah - M-14 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates 
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM
Phone: +971 2 550 4007

4. Al Hidayah Typing Center

It provides PRO services, legal solutions, and legal planning for establishing your business in Abu Dhabi.

Since the company has been conducting this type of business for a decade, it has established more than 2200 businesses in Abu Dhabi alone.

Along with professional services for business establishment, Al Hidayah also offers the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Real Estate Agents, Embassies, Police & Traffic fines, and other government-related services.

With more than 6,480 happy customers, it has three branches in the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Head Offic
Al Hidayah PRO Group
[email protected]

5. Space World Travel & Typing L L C;

If you are looking for a reliable, quick, and professional agency for visa-related works such as tourist, visit, and family visas, the space global travel and typing center is the place to go.

The highly experienced staff of visa specialists completes your visa application or extension in a timely manner.

Space World Travel offers similar services to other typing centers in the UAE; however, there is a difference in employee professionalism and client service that other typing centers cannot match.

F9VC+WQ4 - Abu Dhabi Stationery Bldg,
Al Ain Tower - Behind - Hamdan Bin 
Mohammed St -Abu Dhabi - UAE
Phone: +971 2 546 7975

6. Bright Typing Center

It is one of the major typing centers in Abu Dhabi, offering a wide range of government services such as visa processing, legal document preparation, government transactions, and so on.

It is one of the highest-ranking customer satisfaction rating agencies among typing centers on Google reviews based in Abu Dhabi.


  • Family, tourist, and residency visas application and renewal
  • Emirate ID typing
  • Police clearance certificate and traffic fine clearance
  • The driving test file opens and driving license
  • Food control NOC
  • Civil defense license application and renewal
  • Trade name, trade license, and trade certificate application, renewal, and cancellation services.
  • Cicpa pass typing
  • Documents attestation
  • Tasheel services etc
Shabiya 12, Near The Model School
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

7. Peer Saab Typing & Travel M26

Individuals looking for expert services on immigration laws and regulations in the UAE, this company’s employees have exceptional experience and can guide you in the proper direction.

The typing center has become popular among expatriates in Abu Dhabi for family visa processing.

No. 06, Musaffah Industrial Area M26, 
Opposite Al OTAIBA Transport EST -
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 55 572 3005

8. Blogspot typing services

It is an Abu Dhabi-based typing center with a great client satisfaction rating that offers exceptional services at competitive fees.


  • PRO services in UAE,
  • Immigration online and offline services,
  • Ministry of labor and Tasheel & Tawjeeh services,
  • Emirates ID Typing,
  • Family visa process,
  • Daman and other insurance services,
  • Tenancy contracts, foreign visa services,
  • legal translation, all kinds of certificate attestation,
  • Business setup and company formations,
  • CICPA/CNIA and other security passes,
  • Photocopy and printing,
  • Vehicle and driving license services,
  • municipality services,
  • court works,
  • power of attorney,
  • Police clearance certificates,
  • Stamp-making for companies,
  • CVs and salary certificates,
  • E-dirham servic
  • . Abdul Sattar Typing Centre

It is one of the UAE’s oldest typing centers, offering document clearance and typing services since 1986.


  • Ministry of Labor
  • Emirate ID
  • Tasheel services
  • PRO servies
  • Immigration services
  • Vehicles registration services
  • Department of residency
  • Civil defense
  • Legal transactions
  • Insurance services
  • Attestation services

10. Annapurna Typing Service Office

This typing center was founded by a Nepalese citizen in the UAE and is particularly popular among Nepalese nationals.

If you are a Nepali and require E-Passport Renewal, Labor Clearance, and All Typing Services. I highly recommend this because you may not encounter linguistic or cultural differences.

When you engage with them as a Nepali, You may have the feeling that you are at home, and some of your family members are supporting you with your work.

Central Mall
شارع خالد بن الوليد‎
United Arab Emirates

The majority of government services in the UAE have a fee, thus you must pay when you use them.

If you do not have online payment gateways, you should use a typing center in the UAE. So, before completing any transaction, you should check the organization’s authentication and track record of past work.

Although some typing center in Abu Dhabi for visa are new to our list, we have evaluated them based on the level of customer service they provide and their track record of successive work done.

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