Hotel Jobs in Canada With Free Visa Free Ticket 2023-2024 Apply Now

Hotel Jobs in Canada With totally free Visa Sponsorship–
Hotel Jobs in Canada With Free Visa Free Ticket 2022 Apply Now Hotel tasks with visa sponsorship in Canada are readily available for all degrees of experience, from cooks to front desk. Read this post to discover exactly how to locate and obtain these tasks, as well as just how the procedure is different from United States job visas.

What is a Resort Task?

A hotel job is a great way to obtain your feet wet in the friendliness industry. You can learn about the different elements of running a resort and gain important experience. And also, working at a resort can be a terrific method to make some much-needed money.

There is a range of different kinds of hotel work, from front workdesk greeters and area service attendants to food solution workers and also housemaids. No matter what you’re seeking in a job, opportunities exist for a position at a hotel that might fit you.

If you’re interested in functioning as a hotel visitor solutions depictive or housekeeper, you’ll require to have some skills and also an understanding of these locations. On top of that, hotels typically require candidates to have legitimate chauffeur’s licenses and also tickets.

Various Kinds Of Hotel Jobs Available in Canada

Hotel tasks in Canada are readily available with visa sponsorship. With a visa sponsorship, you can operate in a selection of various hotel tasks. You can find jobs creating and also managing hotels, functioning as a front desk clerk or attendant, or even operating in the kitchen area or cleansing team. If you want to find a task in a Canadian resort, contact your nearest migration office to ask about visa sponsorship.

Exactly how to Get a Visa Sponsorship

If you are trying to find a task in Canada, however, but don’t have a visa, you might be able to obtain one with your enroller. Visa sponsorship is when someone uses it to help you get a visa, so you can operate in Canada. Here’s exactly how to use it:

  • Go to the internet site of the Canadian consular office or consulate nearest you.
  • Search for the “Sponsorship Programs” area.
  • Find the program that matches your certifications and also use it online.
  • If your sponsor is a company, make sure to consist of info regarding the sponsorship in your internet application.
  • If your sponsor is an individual, be sure to include their contact information in your online application.
  • After you have actually used it, wait on a reaction from the consular office or consulate.
  • If you’re approved, set up a meeting with your sponsor before you come to Canada
  • When you get here in Canada, present your key as well as application files to the Canadian Immigration officer at the flight terminal or port of entry

Just How Much Cash Does a Resort Task Pay?

Resort work in Canada with visa sponsorship can be very rewarding, especially if you have a valid visa. Relying on the setting and also place, resort work may pay anywhere from $15 to $30 an hr, which is considerably more than many other markets. The most effective part about operating in a hotel is that you get to be bordered by gorgeous scenery regularly.

Apply Now
Various Sorts Of Hotel Jobs Available in Canada.

Hotel jobs in Canada abound, yet they come in all sizes and shapes. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your initial task or a seasoned professional trying to find an adjustment of pace, there’s resort work available for you.

Below are just a few of the types of hotel jobs offered in Canada:

  • Front Workdesk Agent: A front workdesk representative is responsible for welcoming visitors, dealing with asking for service, as well as ensuring that the home is running smoothly.
  • Housekeeping Manager: A housekeeping manager is accountable for supervising the work of housemaids and other cleaning teams.
  • Room Solution Representative: A space solution agent is in charge of providing room solutions to visitors.
  • Guest Services Rep: A visitor solutions agent is responsible for handling any kind of complaints or concerns that visitors might have.


Love engaging with people from all over the world, both in and out of the office? Attracted by the possibility of benefiting the most popular new location in the world’s biggest ski resort? If so, we’d like to speak with you.

Pangea, a groundbreaking case resort in the heart of Whistler’s pedestrian town, is seeking a front desk team that can make our guests feel comfortable. You’ll be a front-line ambassador for the Pangea brand name– as our guests’ first and last point of contact with the resort, you’ll be the one who ensures they get here with the ideal perception and also leave with a lasting one.

You’re an outbound, charismatic individual efficient in engaging with a worldwide clientele, and you’re confident talking with guests regarding the topics that matter to them (shredding, biking, or traveling generally).

Needless to say, you’re naturally cozy and also welcoming, as well as you’re able to conduct yourself thus also in difficult conditions. You’re an “individual person” who radiates enthusiasm, power, courteousness, and also diplomacy. You’re additionally a team player, constantly aiming to lend a hand to assist various other Pangea Individuals anywhere required.

Above all, you’re a person who shares in our vision of success for the Pangea task, a go-getter who actively contributes ideas as well as makes improvements that form our future, and also understands our aspirations for dynamic growth.


The hint of our values remains in our name. To operate at Pangea is to be at the facility of a global area of tourists– an area where individuals from all ends of the Planet and all professions collect to enjoy. Our goal is to be the symbolic fusion of Whistler– an area where our visitors can kick back and also socialize over a coffee, craft beer, or alcoholic drink, swapping suggestions from the inclines and also sharing tales of their adventures.


There’s absolutely nothing regular regarding our resort (as a matter of fact it’s quite phenomenal), so why would our working environment be? Our employees are anticipated to have a good time in addition to strive, to get to know our visitors rather than simply offer them, as well as appreciate each day at the resort. We desire them to delight in the difficulties that come to their means and take personal contentment from their success.

We actively encourage our employees to use their effort, be imaginative, and rock the boat– if there’s something Pangea might do differently to achieve its goals faster or successfully, we want our workers to do or say something concerning it. We anticipate them to be aggressive, figured out, and also going to join in.

In return, we offer genuine opportunities to proceed at one of the most exciting friendliness jobs in Canada (in one of the most famous mountain hotels on the planet).


As well as aiding guests to sign in to Pangea, you’ll play an integral part in helping them understand how Pangea works– including its rules and regulations. You’ll be suggesting to them exactly how to get the very best out of their stay (recommending tasks and regional tavern alike), as well as assisting with alignment, both in terms of the hotel and the Village.

You’ll be a source of understanding as well as guidance, not just for our visitors but for the rest of the Pangea team. As well as whether a guest intends to reserve an added evening’s stay, needs aid booking regional transport, or wishes to know the best areas in Whistler to eat poutine, you’ll be the individual to help them.

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