Farm worker

Top Tomato Foods based in Markham, ON is inviting applications from suitable candidates for the setting of Farm worker that are self-motivated and have good social skills. Top Tomato Foods is a family-owned as well as ran business with a 50-year background. Vito De Filippis Sr. started farming 100 acres of land in Uxbridge, Ontario, in 1960. The main plants have actually constantly been cabbage, cauliflower, and also broccoli. They’ve lately tested themselves to expand new plants like artichokes and also coloured cauliflower (purple, orange as well as Romanesco).

Top Tomato Foods takes pride in growing the highest quality produce as well as exceeding as well as past to make certain that it is not only pleasing to the taste buds, however additionally to the eye. Leading Tomato Foods guarantees to maintain expanding high-quality fruit and vegetables with the same zeal that has actually driven them given that 1960. The prospect who obtained picked will be called for to start job as soon as possible. The jobs refer to Term or agreement (ending: 2024-07-15) or Full-time task. The change timings include Day, Evening, Weekend Break, Morning as well as Early Morning

Employer Name: Top Tomato Foods
Position: Farm worker
No. of vacancies: 2
Salary: $15.00 hourly for 40 to 60 hours per week
Employment type: Term or contract (ending: 2024-07-15), Full time
Location: Markham, ON

Type of Ranch Workflows: Other vegetables as well as melon farming (except potato).
Type of Crops: Cabbage, Bell peppers, Cauliflowers, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Zucchinis, Melons.

Task Summary:

  • The prospect would certainly be responsible in doing planting, growing as well as watering of plants according to timetable.
  • The prospect must have knowledge and capability to run ranch machinery as well as equipment.
  • The prospect should do preventative as well as regular upkeep on ranch equipment and also tools.
  • The prospect will certainly be in charge of harvesting of plants.
  • The candidate will certainly be in charge of hoeing crops.
  • The prospect will supervise of stone and/or wood picking.
  • The prospect will certainly be called for to check already planted crops to guarantee that they are expanding correctly and deal with any kind of dominating problems.
  • The candidate will be needed to examine every item to make sure ranch’s standard while tossing away things that do not pass that limit.
  • The prospect will certainly be needed to monitor irrigation and also soil dampness according to crop demands.
  • The prospect will certainly be called for to routinely update ranch supervisor about crop progression.
  • The candidate has to report any kind of indications of bug or illness damage.
  • The prospect need to clear and preserve irrigation ditches.
  • The prospect would be needed to direct and check job of informal as well as seasonal aid during growing and gathering.
  • The prospect ought to be liable in ensuring cleanliness of the farm.
  • The prospect will certainly be needed to maintain an updated knowledge of parasites as well as diseases.
  • The candidate would be accountable for discovering illness and health issue in plants, livestock and also poultry.
  • The candidate would certainly be in charge of securing crops from weeds and also insects by taking appropriate activities like spraying chemicals and so on.
  • The prospect should ensure undisturbed supply of water to the farm.
  • The prospect will certainly be called for to frequently establish as well as monitor water lines, air circulation and temperature level in barns.
  • The prospect must be responsible in keeping daily report card of the farm.
  • The candidate would certainly supervise of harvesting vegetables by hand.
  • The candidate would be liable in culling veggies.
  • The prospect must be responsible for maintaining record info such as chemical use and also yields.
  • The prospect would certainly be in charge of picking as well as choosing of fruit and vegetables according to dimension and ripeness as well as negligence deteriorating and over torn fruit and vegetables.
  • The candidate would be in charge of rating, sorting as well as packing of produce right into containers.
  • All packaging and stacking tasks will be carried out in the field and also on the ranch.
  • The candidate must utilize hands as well as arms to manage item.
  • The prospect will be needed to gets rid of dry fallen leave particles from plant making use of both hands.
  • The prospect would certainly be liable in participating the post-harvesting phase of plants and also help in loading them securely for storage space objectives.
  • The candidate ought to check out and also examine containers, packaging material, as well as item to make certain that packaging specifications are satisfied.
  • The candidate will be required to make sure that ranch security and also bio-security treatments are complied with.
  • The prospect has to check out the high quality of the item as well as get it ready for the marketplace.

Job Needs:

  • The prospect should be well-versed in English language.
  • There are no conventional education requirements such as a bachelor’s level, a certificate, or a diploma.
  • Previous experience in the farming sector is not mandatory.
  • Knowledge of farming best techniques would certainly be an added benefit.
  • The candidate needs to have great interaction skill.
  • The prospect needs to have good physical and also healthy and balanced state to execute all jobs promptly, properly, and also efficiently.
  • The prospect should be prompt.
  • The prospect ought to be versatile.
  • The candidate ought to be answerable.
  • The candidate should be authentic.
  • The candidate should provide relevance to worths as well as values.
  • The candidate must be an excellent team player with enough interpersonal as well as judge-mental abilities.
  • The prospect must be arranged and adaptable in nature.
  • The prospect should have outstanding time monitoring abilities as well as the ability to focus on work.
  • The prospect needs to have solid business skills with the capability to multi-task.
  • The candidate ought to have good decision making and also problem resolving skills.
  • The candidate will certainly be needed to do harvesting of seedlings.
  • The candidate would certainly be in charge of cleansing crops.
  • The prospect ought to need to do normal clipping tasks for plants.
  • The candidate will certainly be required to execute routine environment-friendly home cleaning task.
  • The candidate will be called for to perform suckering, weeding, rating, linking, as well as lowering tasks.
  • The candidate will certainly be required to do regular seed cutting in the ranch.
  • The candidate would be accountable for blending fertilizer in proper proportions.
  • The candidate should be energetic with a favorable perspective.
  • The prospect needs to be bondable and also easily communicate.
  • The prospect must have a thorough Rap sheet check.
  • Devices and also Equipment Experience.
  • The prospect needs to have prior experience operating a vegetable farmer, a tractor, planting tools, a lift truck, a ranch truck, as well as a fertilizer applicator.

Work Environment.

  • The candidate should want to operate in an outdoor environment for lengthy hours, including resistance for bugs as well as thorns.
  • The candidate will certainly be needed to operate in wet or wet, dirty, hot and cold environments.
  • Work locations are entirely smoke totally free.
  • The prospect will be called for to operate in a setting with a high concentration of smells.

The job website environment is loud, and also the candidate must be able to collaborate with total focus even in such conditions.
Work Conditions and also Physical Capacities:

  • The prospect must be able to work in fast-paced busy setting.
  • The prospect ought to agree to function under pressure.
  • The prospect should be needed to do repeated jobs on regular basis.
  • The candidate must be planned for doing physically challenging tasks as part of daily job.
  • The prospect ought to be called for to dealing with heavy loads as part of routine job.
  • The prospect ought to have an eye for details.
  • The prospect must have excellent hand-eye control.
  • The prospect should have capability to compare colours.
  • The candidate must agree to work for lengthy hrs in bending, crouching and stooping settings.
  • The prospect needs to agree to work in sitting, standing as well as walking setting for lengthy hrs.
  • The prospect must be willing to work in standing position for prolonged durations.
  • The candidate ought to have capacity to recognize resemblances and also distinctions in between sounds.
  • The candidate needs to complete the work with in the offered time line.
  • The prospect ought to prepared to work overtime if needed.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying, apply through the given options.

By email:

Note: Please include the following while sending the application

Job reference number- 0518AGS

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